We make connections and celebrate arts!

The Arts Dot is a project designed to promote art, bring together local and international artists,  and to make a connection. The idea was to organise events dedicated to arts, as a means of communication and promotion of culture, do a mix of arts and businesses.

The Arts Dot is an annual international meeting point for artists and art lovers on a beautiful Blekinge archipelago on the south coast of Sweden.

The Arts Dot is an excellent opportunity for artists to show and sell works directly to the public and a platform for networking, gather together, exchange ideas with possibilities of work cooperation. Do communicate, discuss, engage and share their vision.

The Arts Dot is a nomadic space that materialises into a pop-up gallery & meeting space. Here is room for dialogues about art during the meeting. Artists share their experiences and talk about their work and career.

The meeting is a ‘living exhibition’ encouraging cross-disciplinary creative collaboration.

The Arts Dot international event is organised by a non-profit association Konst I Blickpunkt. The association is running by artists and for artists. All proceeds from entry and participating fees fund project-related expenses to make the international artists meeting happen.