Open Seminar

OPEN PUBLIC SEMINAR  FRIDAY, AUGUST 27, 2021, 15:00 – 17:00  Hyper Island, Bastionsgatan 8, Karlskrona

For two hours, you get a chance to mingle with and listen to artists, technology companies and other exciting people with regional and international backgrounds.

We gather under the theme How can we create development between the arts and technology industry. How can the region benefit, and how do we create collaborations at an international level? We think about how the future will shape art values when the world has become more and less accessible in the waves after the pandemic.

During the evening, you will get to take part in what our four teams of artists and technology companies have worked on during a 24-hour workshop on the theme How can art be elevated through technology?

Panel discussions with representatives from, among others, the education sector, the business community and the region are held where the conversation revolves around opportunities and challenges for artists to reach out with their art, how art creates opportunities for our region to grow and establish new technology companies that want to drive art and creativity forward.

Warm welcome!

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