2ND EDITION | 2019


  • Vernissage, Thursday 30th May 2019, 15:00 – 18:00 (open to the public).
  • Official Inauguration, opened by the CEO of Karlskrona Municipality Carl-Martin Lanér.
  • Dinner at the restaurant Montmartre for The Arts Dot’s artists,
    Thursday 30th May 19:00 (by invitation only).
  • Art exhibitions, free entry. Wachtmeister Galleria, opening hours Friday 31st May 10:00 – 18:00; Saturday 1st June 10:00 – 16:00. Konstnären & Pinaulen Björkholmsplan 1st – 14th June.
  • Certificates of participation.
  • Artist Talk & Conversations, Friday-Saturday 11:00-11:30, 13:00-13:30 .
  • Drawing Workshop, Friday 31t May 11:00.
  • Live painting, Friday 31t May 15:00, Saturday 11:00
  • Prize Awards People’s Choice – Best Art of the Arts Dot 2019 and Jury’s Choice – Special Recognition. Saturday 1t June 15:00.
  • Network After-Party (by invitation only), Konstnären & Pinaulen Björkholmsplan, 1st June.

The central collective exhibition 2019 took place in Wachtmeister Galleria on Borgmästaregatan 3, Karlskrona.

Artists, selected by the jury, and a winning artist of People’s choice – Best Art of the Arts Dot 2019, received special recognition and extended art exhibition at the gallery Konstnären & Pinaulen Björkholmsplan.

Wachtmeister Galleria, Karlskrona

The Arts Dot 2019 was proudly inaugurated by the CEO of Karlskrona Municipality Carl-Martin Lanér, who opened the exhibition on the 30th of May.

An exciting art evening, where we enjoyed the contemporary art on show, met and greeted the selected artists that travelled all the way to Karlskrona for this unique event, listened to live music with grace and style and socialised with other like-minded people.

Musicians Tommy Axelsson and Jennie Bender

Vernissage sponsored by ICA Cityhallen Karlskrona.

Ulf Nejbo, gallery owner

Artists Agata & Wojtek Wolf-Rukujżo (Poland) and Fabiola Hidalgo (Finland-Mexico)

Artist Jenny Gustavsson from Karlskrona, Sweden

Artist Vera Frederiksen Fd Zhotkevich from Karlskrona, Sweden

Artist/ organiser Lana Leuchuk from Karlskrona, Sweden

Mikael Månsson, a photographer and participant of the exhibition.

Artwork by Williams Delabona from Brazil

Yvonne Walther, artist/organiser, with Lana Leuchuk

Participating artist Marcus Mac Carlsson (Ystad, Skåne, Sweden)

Artist Talk | Conversations with artists Jenny Gustavsson and Mikael Månsson. Moderator: Yvonne Walther.

Artist Talk | Conversations with artists Katarina Karmelic (Croatia-Germany), Julie Majerus (France-Luxembourg) and Fabiola Hidalgo (Finland-Mexico)

Live painting / workshop with the artist Sabrina Tafuro

Wojtek Wolf-Rukujżo is a winning artist of People’s choice – Best Art of the Arts Dot 2019.

Five artists received Jury’s special recognition and extended art exhibition at the gallery Konstnären&Pinaulen.
Williams Delabona from Brazil, Fabiola Hidalgo from Helsinki, Jenny Gustavsson from Karlskrona, Agata Wolf-Rukujżo and Wojtek Wolf-Rukujżo.

Gallery Konstnären & Pinaulen, Karlskrona

The jury of the Arts Dot 2019

The jury consists of people who have different backgrounds – art lovers, art professionals, business people and gallery owners.

Lana Leuchuk

The project originator, project leader, the visual communicator. Founder of the studio of art & design Lanagraphic in Karlskrona.

Ulf Nejbo

A gallery owner, Konstnären & Pinaulen, Lilla Galleriet och Café Pinaulen, Karlskrona.

Yvonne Walther

Yvonne is a scientist by profession and artist by passion, painting the ocean above and under the surface.


Sabrina Tafuro

Sabrina is an Italian artist, lives and works in Karlskrona.

Jonas Weikel


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