The Arts Dot creates international meetings and collective art exhibitions where you can meet artists and participate in an interactive art experience.

The Arts Dot is a central point of connection between artists, galleries and those who love art.

The Arts Dot is networking, gathering, and exchanging ideas with possibilities of work cooperation and sales of artworks.

A non-profit association, Konst I Blickpunkt, organises the Arts Dot international events. All proceeds from entry and participating fees fund project-related expenses to make the international artist’s meeting happen.  Read more about the association here.

Contact us if you want to be involved in any way!


Karlskrona is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that blends history and modernity. Founded in 1680, the city’s naval heritage is visible throughout, with impressive shipyards and naval facilities still in operation. Beyond the city’s historic core, Karlskrona offers a unique opportunity to explore the stunning Blekinge archipelago. Hop on a boat tour and sail through a myriad of islands with rocky shores, sandy beaches, and dense forests. This pristine natural paradise is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and photographers alike.

Stumholmen is a small island east of Trossö in Karlskrona, Sweden, connected to the centre of Karlskrona by the Bastionsgatan bridge. Stumholmen has several attractions, especially the Naval Museum, with collections and exhibitions related to the Navy and the shipyard, the Hyper Island educational complex, and several other historic buildings (Wikipedia).



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