3RD EDITION | 2021



The Arts Dot 2021 was a five-day event with workshops and art exhibitions and had the theme “Recovering with art, nature and virtual reality”. During these days, we explored art, culture and technology. The Arts Dot wanted to open up a deeper understanding of how digitalization impacted artistic life. We wanted to dialogue with artists in an international environment to help make decisions and better understand the creative process explored by digital tools and services that bring art both individually and as a group and community.

The uncertain future and the Covid pandemic isolation reflected on us in traditional art, where the digital and virtual arena has quickly become more significant for both creators and audiences. The virtual space provides opportunities for us to experience arts in a new way. The challenge was to bring artists and technology together for creative and innovative processes to emerge. We wanted to create meetings where the participants can explore nature and art as a healing force after the pandemic through the new technologies.

There was a full-day workshop where artists and tech companies matched. Artists got individual coaching through the process and digital material used for presentations and marketing. The workshop’s purpose was competence development to increase the artist’s awareness of new digital representation areas and create an international network and a cultural exchange. Four groups gave presentations that they created during the cross-matching workshop during the public seminar.

We gathered under the theme “How can we create development between the arts and technology industry” and “How can the region benefit, and how do we create collaborations at an international level?” We discussed how the future would shape art values when the world has become more and less accessible in the waves after the pandemic.

We hold a panel discussion with representatives from the education sector and the business communities. The conversation revolved around opportunities and challenges for artists to reach out with their art, how art creates opportunities for our region to grow and establish new technology companies that want to drive art and creativity forward.

At the end of the evening, four teams of artists and technology companies presented the result of a 24-hour workshop on the theme “How can art be elevated through technology?”

Art exhibitions are organised in physical and digital formats. Pre-selected artworks in physical format displayed in two venues in Karlskrona: Skärva Herrgård and Gallery Konstnären & Pinaulen (Lilla Galleriet).

The public could get to know 14 international artists via the application HiStory and experience artworks in augmented reality via the application THEARTSDOT. 

Participants of the Arts Dot 2021 had a cultural experience by visiting cultural sights, testing local food/drink, and mingling.

We make a film during the event, took interviews before and after the exhibition. 

• To increase the artist’s individual awareness of new areas of digital representation.
• To create an international network.
• Cultural exchange.
• To increase artist competence in marketing their work.

• Skills development through connecting art and technology to new opportunities in their work stimulate and develop creativity.
• Sustainable collaboration and business possibilities within the cultural and creative sector. Connection with entrepreneurs, local and international, in Karlskrona, Blekinge and internationally.
• Create prerequisites for international cooperation for better internationalization.
• Create results through sensible meetings with new perspectives.

The Arts Dot international event is organised by a non-profit association Konst I Blickpunkt. All proceeds from entry and participating fees fund project-related expenses to make the international artists meeting happen. 

Organizations that support local culture: Region Blekinge, Swedbank, Karslkrona kommun and Blue Science Park.
Our partners: HI STORY Karlskrona, Sweden, HYPER ISLAND Karlskrona Sweden, BEPART The Public Imagination Movement Milan Italy, ACADEMY OF ART Poland, The West Pomeranian ICT Cluster Poland, STETTINER digital agency Poland, 5dVR studio Egypt.


Wednesday, August 25, 2021
Get Together, private mingle for the Arts Dot participants, 15:00-18:00.
A meeting point: Skärva Herrgård, Skärva 2, Karlskrona.

Thursday, August 26, 2021
Workshop part 1, 9:00 – 17:00 (only for registered participants).
A meeting point: Blue Science Park, Campus Gräsvik 2, Minervavägen 4, Karlskrona.

Artists will match with tech companies and their representatives:
HI STORY Karlskrona, Sweden. Magnus Carlsson.
BEPART The Public Imagination Movement Milan Italy. Joris Jaccarino, founder, cultural manager and creative director of Bepart. Elena Ferrara, communication manager Bepart. 
STETTINER digital agency Poland. Daniel Czapiewski, founder & CEO and Angelika Iskra.
5dVR studio Egypt. Maged Farrag, co-founder and a digital media expert.

Friday, August 27, 2021
Workshop part 2, 9:00 – 13:00 (only for registered participants).
A meeting point: Blue Science Park, Campus Gräsvik 2, Minervavägen 4, Karlskrona.

OPEN PUBLIC SEMINAR 15:00 – 17:00.
A meeting point: Hyper Island, Bastionsgatan 8, Karlskrona.

A joint dinner, the Arts Dot participants and guests (by invitation only), 18:00 – 21:00.
A meeting point: Nya Skafferiet, Rådhusgatan 9, Karlskrona.

Saturday, August 28, 2021
Participating artists and partners visit Art Expositions.
A meeting point: gallery Konstnären & Pinaulen 10:00 – 13:00. Skärva House 14:00 – 17:00.

Sunday, August 29, 2021
Cultural tour Blekinge, 10:00 – 17:00. 
A meeting point: the island Aspö, Aspö Kulturrunda.
The Aspö ferry runs between Karlskrona (from Handelshamnen) and Aspö in the Karlskrona archipelago. The ferry crossing time is 25 minutes. The journey by road ferry is free of charge. Timetable and more about the ferry read here.


Skärva House
Blue Science Park
Hyper Island
Gallery Konstnären & Pinaulen  




The city of Karlskrona positioned at the southeast corner of Sweden with excellent connections to the other side of the Baltic Sea. There is a ferry line from Gdynia in Poland transporting passengers provided by the ferry operator Stena Line.

If you’re flying in from another country, we recommend booking your flight to CPH Airport, Denmark. From there, you travel to Karlskrona Sweden by train; there is a direct train Kastrup-Karlskrona that is going every hour.



A list of participating artists:

Ann Youssef, Egypt
Anna Enquist Müller, abstract artist, Sweden
Arnab Barua, visual artist, Germany
Carl-Gustav Gonzalez, painter, Sweden
Francesca Guiotto, 3D artist and animator, Italy
Grześ Piaseczny, photographer and painter, Poland
Hanna Wysocka, Poland
Hubert Czerepok, visual artist, Poland
Jenny Svensson, painter, Sweden
Jonas Ng, painter, Hong Kong
Kamil Kuskowski, visual artist, Poland
Karin Svensson, painter and graphic designer, Sweden
Lana Leuchuk, visual artist, Sweden
Maria Bielke Von Sydow, novelist, author and writer, Sweden
Micaela Butros, Egypt
Michalis Kitsis, painter, Sweden
Olga Me, painter, China-Russia
Sturella, photographer, Sweden
Williams Delabona, visual artist, Brazil
Yseult Depelseneer, photographer, Belgium 




Blue Science Park Karlskrona is an innovation environment that strengthens Blekinge’s position in the focus areas of Digital, eHealth and Marine Technology through collaboration between the business community, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona Municipality and the Blekinge Region.

Hyper Island Group is a global learning provider, enable growth for businesses and individuals through transformative experiences.
Founded in Sweden in 1996, HI is today active around the world through its schools and offices on five continents as well as via online courses.

The Szczecin Art Academy. Through its scientific and artistic activity, the Academy of Art integrates and stimulates a creative environment to create beauty in all fields of social life. Academy of Art offers education based on the tradition of national culture and the world culture, collaborating with art schools in Poland and abroad.

HI STORY Studio Sweden. Production of digital solutions such as technical platforms, the stories, including research, synopsis, script and recording.



STETTINER ID & STORY Poland. Software house, IT consulting and Digital Marketing Agency.

5dVR Studio Egypt. A digital studio based in Cairo, pioneering the creation of absorbing VR/AR experiences.


BEPART the public imagination movement Italy. An innovative start-up that allows everybody to install personal projects in public spaces throughout the Augmented Reality.

The West Pomeranian ICT Cluster Poland is a non-profit organization whoseobjective is to facilitate business relations between ICT companies, education entities and the local government in the West Pomeranian region.

Skäva Herrgård is part of the World Heritage Site of the Naval City of Karlskrona and is located seven kilometres outside the city. Skärva is a magical 200-year-old mansion right next to the Baltic Sea, which today is a Seminar, Event-, Guesthouse with a gallery surrounded by a beautiful nature reserve.


An art gallery, café and picture framing at Björkholmen in Karlskrona.

Paula is a lecturer, moderator and executive coach passionate to support and inspire individuals and teams in true self-leadership and development.


Attraction Media is a personal media agency with a focus on photography, film production, presentation technology, events, trade fair stands and project management.

LANAGRAPHIC Design & Art Studio in Karlskrona creates graphical and artistic production. A creative studio provides professional services within visual communication, focusing on the modern design of logotypes, promotional material and web design.